To Governor Hochul:

The New York Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, should reflect the diversity of the state itself—including diversity of background and professional experience. But former Governor Cuomo left New York with a Court of Appeals dominated by politically connected former prosecutors and corporate lawyers, and without any judges who made their careers representing vulnerable individuals, such as in public defense, housing court, immigration court, or civil rights actions.

Last month, the Commission on Judicial Nomination took an important step toward remedying this inadequacy. The shortlist of seven candidates that the Commission released in October thankfully includes two candidates with extensive experience representing predominantly Black and brown, low-income New Yorkers. Their careers demonstrate a commitment to using the law to protect the most vulnerable New Yorkers, and the appointment of either one would begin to rectify the appalling lack of professional diversity on the Court of Appeals.

This nomination is a critical opportunity for Governor Hochul to begin undoing the damage that her predecessor did to the Court of Appeals and prove her own commitment to a progressive judiciary. We join members of the State Senate and dozens of legal and civic organizations in calling on Governor Hochul to nominate either Timothy Murphy or Corey Stoughton to the Court of Appeals.

Calls to UnCuomo the Court

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We need your support to convince Governor Hochul to nominate a candidate who will protect the most vulnerable New Yorkers. The most important thing you can do is call Governor Hochul's office at 518-474-8390 today to ask her to nominate Timothy Murphy or Corey Stoughton to the Court of Appeals.

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